Achievements are used to unlock Characters. They can only be unlocked in Arcade mode. Each opponent has his own set of achievements, but you can get them with any character you want.


Without Losing 1 goal Achievement
Win with more than 10 goals Achievement
Without using Power Shot Achievement
Win 10 times Icon
Win in Sudden Death Achievement
Without Dash Achievement
Achiveicon7 1
Achive 8 1
Achive 9 1
Achive 10 1

Tips and tricksEdit

Win without conceding a goalEdit

You can look here for some advanced tactics.

Win without hurtEdit

Use Ukraine to unlock this achievement, because Ukraine can't get hurt while she is in her power shot phase. Just make sure your power shot is ready before your opponent does his, and you won't get hurt. Also, don't go near your opponent and he wouldn't kick you. Alternatively, all characters who intercept their opponent's power shot with their own will not be hurt, but watch out if the opponent has any power shot activation/ active abilities, e.g when India activates his power shot or when it is active (does not apply to Ukraine). Also try to avoid harmful costumes your opponent may wear.

Win in sudden deathEdit

There are two ways:

  1. Just jump over and walk/dash your opponent into your goal before the match even starts, and wait until the result at 0-0 comes, so you will be in a 0-0 sudden death. Then, just make sure you win. However note that you must have high jump and dash stats, or wear a costume that boosts them.
  2. First, score a goal. Then, go in your goal and wait until your opponent scores a goal. Then, score a goal again, and let your opponent score a goal again etc. You have to be careful about the time and everything when doing this. If you did everything properly, you should end in the sudden death. Then, just make sure you win it.