The flag of Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Island character has a brown face like Cameroon, and also has an american Indian costume. It is not a character in the game. It is introduced with Mongolia and North Korea. At that version, universe league comes out. 

Power ShotsEdit

The character has 2 Power Shots, and a Counter Attack. 

Albatross Shot (Air Shot)Edit

The first power is the albatross shot. A lot of albatrosses flies on the screen, then 5 albatrosses poke the player's head, letting the player shoot the ball within 5 seconds. 

Vampire Pinch Shot (Ground Shot)Edit

The second power is the vampire pinch shot. The power activates when the player is not jumping. A gigantic vampire pinch, flies to the opponent, and takes the opponent away and eats him. Allowing the player to shoot the ball. 

Turtle Shell Shot (Counter Attack)Edit

The Counter attack is the turtle shell shot. The turtle comes out and bang hard to the opponent. Then, the opponent disappear, the ball goes in to the goal in 90% accuracy. 

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win Universe League without losing a game.