Appearance Edit

Greenland is a character that has an Eskimo hat on him.


Power ShotEdit

Shard Shot (Air Shot) Edit

The Air Power Shot is the Shard Shot. Icy shards fall from the sky and make a cage around the opponent, allowing Greenland five seconds to kick the ball in the goal.

Iceberg Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

The Ground Power Shot is Iceberg Shot. A giant iceberg slides into the opponent's goal never missing unless countered or blocked.

Icygore Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Greenland's Counter Attack is Icygore Shot. It's an ice ball that causes him to freeze while the ball is shot out of.

Costume Edit

It's a costume that looks like an iceberg. If the opponent touches it he will freeze.

Kick +2

Speed +3

Jump +1

Power +2

Dash +5

Unlock RequirementsEdit

In the Amateur League make 10 goals in a single match without conceding a goal.

Trivia Edit

There are a lot of icebergs and icygores in Greenland that's the reason of the Power Shots.