Honduras second Powershot

Second Power Shot

Honduras's Powershot

Five-Star Shot

Honduras's Avatar 2


Honduras Flag

Honduras Flag

It was created by Akeemhern because he wants it in the next update with Uganda and Croatia.

Appearance Edit

He has light brown skin, has blue eyes and wears a police hat with the Honduran flag on it.

Power Shots Edit

Five-Star shot Edit

Five, big and blue stars appear, one of them contains the ball, so the character starts firing the stars to the net. But the stars explode every time it hits something.If the opponent touches the star with the ball, it disappears.

Star-Blast shot Edit

4 shooting stars fall all over the field and then a big blue star falls towards the goal.

Counter Attack Edit

The character fires a star that explodes if it touches the opponent.

Costume Edit

A police hat.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the Head Cup with 60 goals in total or pay ???? points.