Jedah Dohma is just the name, its no real country or is ever gonna be on Head Soccer... no! its Jedah from darkstalkers.


Jedah shoud be blue everywhere.

Power ShotEdit

Squid Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Jedah would make a hole on the ground, a squid would appear and try to catch you, you need to run and get away while Jedah is free to pass through the squid while the ball goes to the air, launches rockets and goes down and giant like super sayan, causing extreme damage and dizzy motion. If the squid catches you, he'll spank you in the ground for 7 seconds and if you are hitted by the rockets you´ll stay explode, the screen of the 2 players will have blood and it will be dificult to see, after 5 second you return.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

To get jedah, win all achievements against all characters on the arcade or pay 6.000.000 points. If you don't pay points and a new update comes out, you lose him and you need to get the new achievements and old one in all characters, again.