Lebanon is recommended to be the 46th character in an update with Cyprus and Uruguay. He is fair skinned with spiked up black hair. He is very good but hard to unlock and is a five star opponent in arcade.

Flag of Lebanon.svg

Powershots Edit

Helicopter Shot (Air Shot)

He uses the helicopter shot which calls in a helicopter that he jumps into like Sweden. A small belt of ammo in a machine gun is fired at the goal which doesn't carry the ball. Then, three missiles are fired at the goal. Two are silver and are heat seeking. The other one is a little bigger and is red. This one is fired right at the goal and carries the ball (when he jumps).

Super Cedar Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

A big cedar turns the opponent into a cedar tree and the ball comes from the air. The opponent can't move so the ball can easily score. 

Cedar Shot (Counter attack) Edit

It is like Thailand's counter attack but on cedar version.It will make the opponent explode and disappear for 5 seconds.

Unlock Requirements Edit

To unlock Lebanon you must win 1st in the minor league without kick and without losing more than 3 games. Or you can pay 4,500,000 to unlock him instantly.