North Pole looks like Santa, and he is a Character Idea. 

Power ShotsEdit

Sleigh Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

There are quite many of the reindeer coming, and behind them is the sleigh. The sleigh contains the ball. Quite same as Denmark's. 

Snowballs Shot (Air Shot) Edit

North pole will throw a lot of snowballs into the opponent's net and one of them contains the ball. It will cover the opponent in snow and he won't be able to move.

Christmas Tree Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

A huge Christmas tree will go into the opponent's goal which will make him explode.

Costume Edit

It's a Santa cap with electrical Christmas lights (green and red) which turn on after 4 seconds and then they will start blinking.

Speed +5

Dash +1

Power +3

Jump +3

Kick +2

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win against all the characters in the arcade and beat North Pole 10 times.