Flag Norwayimage

The flag of Norway

Norway is a character that has a sea god hat on him, looks quite like Thor. He is not a character in the game. 

Power ShotEdit

Sea Shot (First Power Shot) Edit

Norway's First Power Shot is the Sea shot. He puts the marble to the ground, it appears somewhere. If opponent touches it, the water beam appears on the ground, then flies to the sky. He will disappear for 7 seconds. 

Boat Shot (Damaged Power Shot) Edit

When the hat is off. Norway use the Boat Shot. Several boats come out, shoots golden bombs. The character will turn into ashes for 6 seconds. 

Lightining hammer shot (Counter Attack)Edit

He will take Thor's hammer that's surrounded by electricity and smash the ground. A lightning ball will go into the opponent's goal on the ground. If he touches it, he will turn into ashes for 5.5 seconds.

Costume Edit

A sea god crown costume. It is blue with some golden details.

Speed: +5

Jump: +5

Kick: +5

Dash: +5

Power: +5

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win a Tournament final without conceding one goal.