Introduction Edit

Welcome to the Characters Unlock Guide! This guide will help you know the best tricks and tips for unlocking all of the Characters in no time!

Summary of unlock requirements Edit


Headballs Unlock Edit

Some characters can also be unlocked with a Headball. Click Here to know which characters you may have the luck to get.

Overall Tips And Tricks Edit

It’s recommended that you try to unlock good characters with simple unlock requirements to unlock harder ones. For example, beginners can try to unlock The Netherlands to help them unlock characters such as Germany or France.

South Korea = Download the game Edit


Do I need to say more? You get South Korea upon downloading the game!

Cameroon = Beat 12 characters (Easy) Edit


You should use South Korea or get Head Basketball and get Madagascar or Boxing as you probably won't have any other characters; he's very affordable to use.

Nigeria = Win 30 Tournament Trophies (Easy) Edit


You can use anyone, as long as you don't lose the 90 games!!! He's worth it, alright. If you're desperate to get Kepler 22B, that's even better! You'll have motivation to keep playing tournament, and once you get him, you might find yourself with more than 30 Tournament trophies. Another way for more advanced players is to beat the Head Cup multiple times then buy him with points as he is only 200,000 points.

USA = Win a Tournament Final in Sudden Death (Easy) Edit


This tip, and it goes for anything requiring one or many sudden deaths, is that you should use a power shot like France's that has a 100% chance of entering the goal, but only in the end. You also need a max or near max jump. You can jump over your opponent, push him back, and wait till it goes to sudden death as 0-0. You then use your power shot straight away in the middle, and boom! USA is yours and yours to keep.

Japan = Win a Tournament final with a difference of 10 goals (Moderate) Edit


Use somebody with a fast, deadly power shot like France. You use it in the correct spot and it's no problem to get him unless you're not careful. Yes, you can also use Nepal or Ukraine, but not exactly preferred, to block your goal and not let anybody score in it. But unless you want every character no matter if you use it or not, don't take steps to get him because he is HORRIBLE. You could also use Germany or Spain because of the deadly power shots.

Russia = Upgrade Speed, Jump, and Kick to the maximum (Somewhat hard) Edit


Get a lot of points, and build up to 1,534,500 points to upgrade your stats instead of paying 500,000 for him, as the upgrades double help you. Of course, you need to spend time upgrading other stuff as well or you simply can't get that many points to unlock him. However, it isn’t recommended to use 500,000 points to buy him, because one day you have to fully upgrade the upgrades.

Argentina = Beat 12 characters in Arcade without using a power shot (Easy) Edit


Use someone with a good counter attack such as Austria so that you can compensate for the lack of a power shot, or just simply get a good head-form character and crush all the straight-line shot people such as Nigeria.

Italy = Score 30 goals in the Tournament (Somewhat Hard) Edit


The first redirect section, go to Japan's section to pick out a deadly and fast power shot that will sure get you some real goals.

Brazil = Win without using a power shot in Tournament (Easy) Edit


Use the same tips as Argentina to compensate for being unable to use a power shot.

Germany = Beat 12 Characters in Arcade without conceding a goal (Moderate) Edit


That's a real tough one. Try using people that have a Power Button Effect to make them taller and bigger, such as Nepal or even Ukraine, or one that takes forever to finish their power shot, such as Austria. Just don't try it on Germany; skip him, and do someone else, like United Kingdom. Nepal is best because he falls into both categories, although he has hard Unlock Requirements.

Spain = Win a Tournament with 10 characters (Easy) Edit


Spain? No problem. Get 10 good or average (or even fair) characters and just win one trophy with them in the tournament.

France = Beat 14 Characters in Arcade in Sudden Death (Moderate) Edit

Character12 1

Refer to USA's section on how to draw sudden deaths.

United Kingdom = Win the Tournament without conceding more than 4 goals (Hard) Edit


Just refer to Germany's section, but overall, use Nepal for this. You should use Nepal because his robot covers a very large height, and completely covers the goal, in addition, if you have power upgraded fully, once Nepal has finished setting up his power shot, you can use it AGAIN. This is actually a pretty easy thing to do if you follow what the USA section says, that way you score immediately after the match goes to sudden death and you win 1-0.

Mexico = Beat 17 characters in Arcade with 10 goal difference (Somewhat hard) Edit


Do this with a character that can score a lot of points quickly. It is recommend to use Honduras or France. Also skip hard characters.

The Netherlands = Win a Tournament without dash (Easy) Edit

Character15 1

You should get a max speed upgrade and a costume that upgrades the speed further to compensate for not dashing. Not knowing dash exists also helps.

Cyborg = Achieve SS Rank in Survival (Hard) Edit

Character16 1

You'll need a very good person for that. Personally, I think that Serbia is best but only because I play with her (or used to before the glitch got fixed) a lot. Just use the character you're best with, and hopefully, you'll get Cyborg! The glitch of unlocking Cyborg was fixed in the previous update, so that's why it isn't mentioned here.

Kepler 22B = Win the Tournament by beating him in the Tournament's final (Moderate) Edit


First of all, what does "beating the aliens" mean? It means that very rarely at the tournament final, a giant UFO comes to the field, and for 10 precious seconds, you need to try to hit it with the ball. It's recommended to try hit it by dashing fast, hopefully the ball should hit the opponent and surge up into the sky. If you do, Kepler 22B will turn into your opponent and the match will start over. If you win this match, you will have unlocked him but the UFO still appears from time to time. This is based on luck, just play a lot of Tournament, and you might even find a lot of points and Tournament trophies after you get Kepler 22B and unlock somebody else.

Turkey = Beat 20 characters 10 times in Arcade (Somewhat hard) Edit


Tedious, huh? I think so too. But if you REALLY want him for who knows what reason, be persistent and stick with it. The 200 games that you have to play, as an added tip, are much less boring if you use different characters.

Portugal = Unlock 9 SS Rank Costumes (Very hard) Edit

Character19 1

It's already hard to achieve SS Rank. Now you will need to unlock 9 Costumes ranked as SS. It's hard because most of the time, Cyborg wears F or E ranked Costumes. At least you don't need to buy the costumes. Use Characters like New Zealand, Asura, Ireland and Spain. They are somewhat good for Survival.

Devil = Donate $1 to D&D Dream Edit


The unlock requirements says it all. Coax your parents to give you a dollar, and then buy him with it. Or, you can just simply ignore it and simply not get him. Purchasing Devil helps D&D Dream to develop Head Soccer, which means more characters or at least we guess so, just think positive.

Canada = Win the Tournament with 12 counter attacks (Moderate) or watch 5 Videos Edit

Character21 1

There isn't one character nearly as better as the one and only Italy. He is the key guy to drawing counter attacks, and this goes for the other characters that require counter attacks as well. Just do it back and forth, and you might be getting not just 12, but maybe twice that in terms of counters. However, if you can't succeed, you can unlock him by watching 5 ad Videos.

Chile = Reach the SS Rank without using a power shot (Insanely hard) Edit


Sadly, the glitch is fixed. So deal with it and use Austria for the counter. Rami's got your back :).

Poland = Reach with 21 characters the SS rank in Survival (Very hard) Edit

Character23 1

There is a really funny and useful glitch that you can use with him. Get at least an E rank with 21 characters and you unlock Poland, although he isn't too good.

Asura = Get 5 Achievements against him in Arcade (Hard) Edit


Whenever the TV asks you for a free game for an ad, click or tap on the TV. Why? You can bypass the 50,000 points you would have to pay if you just directly clicked play. Other than that, refer to the previous characters for the achievements you have to earn as follows: Don't concede a goal, win by 10 goals, win in SD (Sudden Death), win 10 times, and win without using a power shot.

Egypt = Reach the SS Rank without dashing (Very hard) Edit


WAAAA. I feel bad too. But suck it up and boost your speed. But if I were you, forget it. Unless you are getting all the characters, a unlock requirement this hard for a straight power shot, straight up sucks.

Valentine = Beat 27 Characters without dashing in Arcade (Moderate) Edit


Go to the Netherlands section for how to compensate for no dash.

Super Saiyan = Win 30 trophies each with 26 characters (Very Time - consuming ) Edit


For such a hard unlock requirement, all I can say is to use 26 good characters! That is 780 tournaments! Why is he worth it? Use the power shot close to your own goal, and no CPU in history has ever stopped it that way. Another good tip for unlocking Super Saiyan is buying him with points. It's a lot less time-consuming to get the amount of points that is required than to win 30 Tournaments with 26 characters.

Ireland = Win a Tournament without Kick, Dash, or Power shot (Somewhat hard) Edit


This is really hard to do as well. Good counter attacks have no use at all here so pick somebody with a good, tall head structure like Indonesia. The Netherlands' section has the full instructions to compensate for without dashing. Ecuador is also good for heading.

China = Win against 30 characters in the Arcade with 5 counter attacks (Somewhat Hard) Edit

Character29 1

Who takes away the #1 spot? Italy! You just have to be good at countering shots.

Greece = Reach the SS Rank without conceding more than 5 goals (Near Impossible) Edit


SOOOOOOOO hard. But Nepal is probably the best because the big robot totally blocks the goal. Spain might work as well if you play defensively and rely on your power shot. Ukraine for time and height might work too.

New Zealand = Win the Amateur League with 3 characters (Easy) Edit


All you have to do is use good characters. Nothing else. This also goes for the next two characters.

Leagues Tips: If you are losing a game, Hard Quit the game i.e. pause, then kill the Head Soccer game process (Not Give up or Title, that will give your opponent a Win), and then start again. You will start fresh with the same opponent having full time and zero goals. Counter strikes counter will not reset and so you can easily unlock characters with counter strike requirement repeating Hard Quit. You can also use Hard Quit if for example your opponent is wearing Nepal costume and you are avoiding being hurt. This will change your opponent's costume too. More, if you accidentally pressed power button and you want to keep power, just use Hard Quit before making contact with the ball. If you touch the ball, power will be used. Finally if you can/own, use costumes that make opponents disappear like Wolf, One-Eyed-Ghoul Mask, Dragon etc. These costumes will give you some easy goals right from the start.

Sweden = Win the Minor League with 5 characters (Easy) Edit


Just pick good characters. See New Zealand unlock guide for Leagues tips.

Z = Win the Major League with 10 characters (Moderate) Edit


Same as last one, but just be careful about who you choose because Major League is HARD. See New Zealand unlock guide for League tips.

Israel = Win the Amateur League without conceding more than 10 goals (Easy) Edit

Character34 1

There is a glitch that if you get the 1st place on your first try, you can get him instantly, and that goes for the next two characters as well. But, if not, use Nepal. See New Zealand unlock guide for Leagues tips.

Australia = Same as Israel but with Minor League (Easy) Edit


Same rules as Israel. See New Zealand unlock guide for Leagues tips.

Denmark = Same as Israel but with Major League (Moderate) Edit


Here you REALLY have to start of taking the first spot the first time so don't try it until you have a VERY good character. Luxembourg would fare well although he is hard to get. See New Zealand unlock guide for Leagues tips.

Luxembourg = Beat 39 characters in Arcade without using kick (Moderate) Edit


It's very hard to master the art of dash-kicking (at least that's what I call it). You need to have VERY good timing, and, also, know what distance to dash from and where the ball will end up. But if you get the technique down, Luxembourg won't fare as too much of a challenge for you. Just don't try it against him, skip him and pick South Africa.

Colombia = Reach SS Rank without kick (Hard) Edit


Good counter attacks are useless here, so make your decision on the other two shots. Use who you are best with.

Romania = Win Major League without using a power shot (Hard) Edit


The character doesn't matter but use Austria for his counter attack. Enjoy! See New Zealand unlock guide for Leagues tips.

South Africa = Beat 42 characters in Arcade without jumping (Very Hard) Edit


NEPAL, NEPAL, NEPAL. His robot is OP (a good help for getting the next character as well).

Austria = Win a Tournament without jumping (Moderate) Edit


Well, Nepal again! Or Thailand and anyone else with a good ground shot. France might also be good when you use his power shot at the right spot.

Thailand = Win Major League without using dash (Moderate) Edit


I don't really know if some people can do so. Major league is hard enough. Just get a good speed boost and you might be okay. See New Zealand unlock guide for Leagues tips.

Saudi Arabia = Win Amateur league without using Power and Dash (Moderate) Edit


Ohhhh. Here comes a hard one. Get a good speed boost with that dash, and get somebody who has a boss counter attack like Austria. Make the speed boost at least +5 or even +6. See New Zealand unlock guide for Leagues tips.

Switzerland = Win Minor league without using Power or Dash (Moderate) Edit


Okay, an overlapping unlock requirement. Very creative of D&D Dream. Just follow the same rules, but be more careful. Austria is recommended to get him because he has a great counter attack, and counter attacks are good ways to get goals. See New Zealand unlock guide for Leagues tips.

Singapore = Win Major League without kicking (Moderate) Edit


Okay, that's just plain mean. It's hard enough in the Major League to simply win it. But if you want him (he's also not too good), then you will have to have very, very good timing and good visualization of where the ball will end up. I call this the art of Dashkicking (hence my name). See New Zealand unlock guide for Leagues tips.

Belgium = Win the Head Cup with 10 characters (Hard) Edit


Okay, okay. Slow down. It's harder than you think. Get 10 GOOD characters that you know how to use and good luck.

Pluto = Get 9 achievements against him in Arcade (Very hard) Edit


Oooh. Now that's tough. All I can say is the achievements: No goals conceded, 10 goal difference, win 10 times, win without power, win in Sudden Death, win without dash, 5 counter attacks, without kick, and without jump. Please refer to the previous pages for which characters to use. Also, always take the TV to your advantage.

Croatia = Win Head Cup without using a power shot (Hard) Edit


Well, Head Cup is hard enough playing it normally, but if you have to, use Austria or Nepal for their extremely powerful counter attacks. Norway and Mon-K are also good, but you might not have unlocked them yet.

Uruguay = Win Head Cup without conceding more than 3 goals (Very hard) Edit


Use Nepal because his robot blocks the goal. Ukraine is the second alternative, being taller with the power button effect. They also have power shots that take FOREVER. If you don't have Nepal or Ukraine yet, use characters with a very long power shot such as Austria or less recommended, South Africa. But why 3? I don't know either. EVIL D&D Dream.

Hungary = Win Head Cup without using Jump (Moderate) Edit


Use Nepal because his robot blocks the goal. Ukraine is the second alternative, being taller with the power button effect. Spain or United Kingdom is also good because they don't need to jump for his power shot to be successful

India = Win Amateur League without using jump or kick (Hard) Edit


Ooh. You really need a tall person with good Dashkicking skills this time. See New Zealand unlock guide for Leagues tips. Or you can use United Kingdom if your good with him - just play defensively. Your power shot will make up the majority of goals. You can also pick up a lot of goals if your opponent jumps at the kickoff - dashkick the ball under him. Spain also can work, similar to UK.

Hong Kong = Achieve SS Rank without using Jump, Kick or power shot (Near Impossible) Edit


Outright torture. Maybe the worst of the bunch. (So far...) Indonesia, the tallest in Head Soccer, would be the only hope for only walking and dashing.

The Dragon Costume can help you unlocking him but you need to have good timing with the costume.

Ecuador = Win the Head Cup without kicking or dashing (Very hard) Edit


Oh, what is D&D Dream doing now!? All you can do is run, power and jump. The best person to do this would probably be Serbia for her shots, even though she is hard to get. Use the air shot a millimeter before midline, and use her ground shot at midfield. It is also really easy to get used to her. Mon-K works for some people also but you have to pay money (the next section).

Mon-K = Donate $4.99 to D&D Dream Edit


He costs 5 dollars. If you care enough, then buy him, and support the developers in order to create more characters and increase the life of the game. The reason of his price is because Mon-K has features that not any single other characters have (Free games and Double Reward).

Czech Republic = Win Minor League without using Kick and Jump (Hard) Edit


Only running and dashing and using power(ing)? Use Nepal. How to unlock him is described in the next section. See New Zealand unlock guide for Leagues tips.

Nepal = Win Major League without using Jump (Very Hard) Edit


WHAT??? The boss of not jumping has a no jump unlock requirements? Yes, sadly. Use Thailand for this, as he has an amazing ground shot. Other good choices are Spain, France, United Kingdom and Ukraine. Watermelbot is also a good choice because his ground power pushes the opponent back into their goal. Ukraine might not have the best ground shot, but in her power button state she is taller, which helps a lot too.

It might also help to keep your finger away from the jump button (For example over the Kick button) so you don’t accidentally jump.

(Or if you really need him, good luck grinding out 5,400,000 points.)

Georgia = Win Head Cup with collecting 25 Counter Attacks (Moderate)Edit


Even though he is less good than you would expect, if you want him, use Italy. His power shot can be countered FOREVER if both sides don't have a special counter attack. Just be careful, though. As there are so many characters with special counters, this character will become more difficult to unlock for newcomers.

Indonesia = Achieve SS Rank with 50 Counter attacks or watch 10 videos (Hard) Edit


You would say, use Italy for this, That is indeed an option, but you will see it's very hard to get to SS Rank with him. Therefore, just use a character with a good power shot and try to counter your opponents' power shots. There are enough matches to reach up to 50 counter attacks. However, if you can't succeed, you can unlock him by watching 10 videos. See Ukraine or Serbia's section for the absolute best way to grind for him.

Ukraine = Win Major League with 80 counters or watch 20 videos (Hard) Edit


The absolute best way for grinding her (Or any video-watching unlock requirement) is to:

  1. Start by watching a video from the unlock screen
  2. Once that’s done, go into your date time settings and move your device clock at least 10 minutes ahead to remove the cooldown.
  3. Refresh the unlock screen accordingly
  4. Watch the next video
  5. Rinse and repeat!
  6. (How to do date time glitch on: IOSAndroid)

Alternatively: Use Italy yet again, or use the trick mentioned in the above section. See New Zealand unlock guide for Leagues and counter strikes tips.

Serbia = Beat 60 characters without getting hurt or watch 50 videos (Very hard) Edit


The absolute best way for grinding her (Or any video-watching unlock requirement) is to:

  1. Start by watching a video from her unlock screen.
  2. Once that’s done, go into your date time settings and move your device clock 10 minutes ahead to remove the cooldown.
  3. Refresh the unlock screen accordingly
  4. Watch the next video.
  5. Rinse and repeat!
  6. (How to do date time glitch on: IOS, Android)

Alternatively: Use Ukraine. Her power button effect prevents her from getting hurt, as a glitch. Just skip Serbia and try WatermelBot. You can jump over the seeds. The trick also works too.

WatermelBot = Win Head Cup without getting hurt (Very hard) Edit


You should use Ukraine because she can't get hurt when her power button is activated. Another way is to use the UFO costume to prevent the opponent's powerboat from charging. Also, stay away and watch out for the opponent's kicks and even more for the costume (especially Nepal's costume). If you encounter Nepal's costume, dash towards your opponent and start kicking, it might direct his laser upwards with you still not hurt. Or jump over to his/her back till your power is activated.

PumpKill = Clear Death Mode (Hard) Edit


Use France for the 120 games. The link to watch Head Soccer Wiki beat it is here. France's shot is special as it can avoid ALL the obstacles, as long as you are really, really good at Head Soccer because there are no traps underground and there is a good chance of scoring if you are in the middle of the field. Another method is to change costumes based on the Obstacles you encounter. This can be done by quitting Death Mode, changing costumes in any other mode and resuming the game.

Death Mode Tips: The easiest way to finish Death Mode is to just pause/give-up/restart the game whenever you see the ball heading towards your own goal. Next time you start the game, it will start in the center with your costume back on and goals saved. Be careful, time will remain the same where you exit. You can also use this trick if you accidentally pressed power button while you wanted to keep the power. Just pause/give up before making contact with the ball. If you touch the ball, your power will be used. More, if you can/own, use costumes that make the opponents disappear like Wolf, One-Eyed-Ghoul Mask, Dragon etc. These will give you some easy goals in the start. You can always give up/restart a level anytime to get the costume back. You can try a Pet to avoid goals.

Bulgaria = Collect all keys from all 4 Episodes (Very hard) Edit


The fastest way to unlock Bulgaria is making sure that you never play an Episode that you have completed already. For example, if you have completed Episode 4 and you enter it again, you could leave and hope for another Episode. That is the fastest way to unlock Bulgaria, but it makes you lose points and maybe you want to finish the Death Mode to unlock Finland, for example. There are more tips to give. You can only play in Episode 1 if you use a female character, in the other stages your character is male and it depends on whether the characters in the cages are male or female. In Episode 2, they are both female, in Episode 3 the left one is male and the other female, and in Episode 4 the left one is female and the right prisoner male. Also choose characters that are recommended for Death Mode, like France and The Philippines. See Pumpkill unlock guide for Death Mode tips.

Finland = Win Death Mode with 30 characters (Insanely time -consuming) Edit


Only with determination you could unlock Finland this way. Make sure you use characters that are recommended to use for Death Mode, like France, and possibly Georgia, New Zealand, Thailand, Mon-K, Bulgaria, Singapore, and Italy too. And don't forget: never use a character twice. You can also buy him for points, but you need so many that you question if he's worth it, even if he's really good. The best way to earn points is to play lots of Head Cups and Fight Modes. See Pumpkill unlock guide for Death Mode tips.

Update: You might need to finish Death Mode 25 times rather than with 30 characters. This is a glitch, but it's unlikely to work for everyone. It also could be that you just clear 30 Death Modes total, with more than one with certain characters. Like, let's say you clear 1 with 28 characters and 2 with 1 character. You might unlock Finland.

Honduras = Win the Tournament without getting hurt and win the Tournament's final with 10 or more goals (Very hard)Edit


Again use Ukraine. In the Tournament's final, try to avoid Ukraine's air power shot, as it wastes time, which is however a good thing in the previous two matches. It is also possible with a character with a good and fast power shot, but then you must always power block power shots or even dodge them and allow them to score.

Fiji = Win the Major League without getting hurt (Very Hard)Edit


Again use Ukraine. Important: If you see Nepal/India or any other dangerous costume on an opponent, quit the game and restart. You can sacrifice the goals but don't compromise on safety, meaning that you have to use the power at the right time when the opponent is not charged and you know your power will be activated again. If you are losing, Hard Quit and restart. Next time, the game will start with the same opponent at zero goals and full time. Its pretty easy to unlock with Leagues tips mentioned in the New Zealand unlock section.

Madagascar = Download Head Basketball (Very Easy) Edit


Very easy. Just go to your device's supported store (App Store, Play Store, or Windows Store) and download Head Basketball. Madagascar will be unlocked then.

The minimum version is IOS 7.0 on apple devices.

Norway = Reach SS Rank without getting hurt (Insanely Hard) Edit


Use Ukraine because when she has her power activated, she can't get hurt. This is still very hard. Use your power shot very wisely, keep your power activated but use the power shot only when the opponent's power gets wasted or try to counter it. Stay away whenever a strong opponent is about to activate his/her power and then avoid the ball contact. Sacrifice goals if you have to, but never use your power shot if the opponent is strong and with a full or almost full power bar. And don't use your air shot, that takes time enough for the opponent to refill his/her power bar. This might be useful for you as well to get the power bar full again but chances of making goals with it is highly unlikely. Use your ground shot from near your own goal, is the best chance to get a goal. If you accidentally used the power shot knowing your opponent is charged and can use a damaging power shot, just give up and restart the level. This will give you another fighting chance without being hurt and losing progress especially if you are at 40+ level. However you will start with only the remaining balls while your opponent will have all the balls. Use costumes like Finland and Dragon to make easy goals and if your timing is right you can make several goals before losing your costume.

Mongolia = Win Death Mode without using a power shot (Very hard) Edit


Use someone with a good counter attack like Austria or Nepal. See Pumpkill unlock guide for Death Mode tips and easy Mongolia unlock.

The Philippines = Complete Fight Mode (Hard)Edit


Use a Character with a strong Power Button Effect like India or Hungary. Characters with a power shot that hits multiple times like Ukraine and Bulgaria are good too. If you are Serbia and your power button is activated, just avoid the ball and stand next to your opponent. You can also 1-shot with Hong Kong(香港)if you stand right in front of the enemy character and then use your nun-chuck which will do 80+ damage to them. If you have good timing with Ukraine, she can do it with her whip. It might take only one laser to kill your opponent and two for the bosses with Serbia, You just need to practice, laser starts from the ground towards up at 45 degrees. India, if you have his power on, get your opponent in the goal, and wait for him to launch his hands. He will lose all HP. Nepal's Laser Costume is also a plus. You can always avoid opponents' goals and power strikes by pressing pause/give up and then start again. Unlike Death Mode, you will NOT get the costume back however you can save the goals and power shots. Be careful as time will also start from where you exited.

Senegal = Put 10 Basket Balls in the Toilet Minigame in Fight Mode (Very Hard)Edit


The minigame occurs when you defeat the 3 First Opponents in Fight Mode, This minigame is hard, because the balls are really hard to get into the toilet and they can accumulate each other if you don´t put them in the toilet fast, You have to practice this minigame, or you can use the Pause Glitch, which consist on dashing the ball, and then pause the game (The balls will still move while the time won´t).

Bolivia = Hit the UFO with 12 Spike Balls in the UFO Minigame in Fight Mode (Moderate)Edit


The minigame occurs when you defeat 6 normal opponents in Fight Mode. This Minigame is the easiest one, dashing the balls will make things easier for you as they will hit the UFO most of the time, putting them to the UFO is quite difficult but you can try, if you do it right you get Bolivia. It makes it much easier when you use the Pause Glitch and dash all the spiky balls into the UFO when they are on the field.

Silicon Valley = Hit 10 Balls with the Baseball Bat in the Baseball Minigame in Fight Mode (Medium - memorizement)Edit


This mini-game occurs when you defeat the 8 normal opponents in Fight Mode. This one requires a bit of practice, if you practice enough, this mini-game will be easier and you will Unlock Silicon Valley. You need to know or write down which type of ball comes at what time. It is still very hard since you have to hit all balls. If you miss one, you already can't unlock Silicon Valley. Also, when you reach the bonus game, do it until you fail a ball. When that happens, reset the game and enter Fight Mode again. You will start on the first ball. Doing this may help you to get used to all the balls. Practice and rest when needed.

Boxing = Download Head Boxing (Somewhat Easy) Edit


He is easy. Just go to app store or google play store and download Head Boxing, but the problem is that you can't download this app if you have a Windows phone, or if you use amazon. Also, it takes more than 300mb and low-end devices can't support it. The minimum android version is 4.2.2, and even then it is very slow.

Caution : The game takes space. If you don't want your storage to decrease, don't download it.

Currently the game takes up over 730 MB. The minimum IOS version is 8.0, if you use an apple device.

Iceland = Win Fight Mode Without Conceding a Goal against boss character Sillicon Valley (Very Hard) Edit


There are several tips for how to unlock Iceland :

  • You can either use Hong Kong, India, or another character that allows you to do quick instant damage (If you use this strategy, make sure that you have a costume like the Spinning Hands to push the opponent to his/her net and then activate your powershot to instantly win the match).
  • You may use the help of Nepal, whose giant robot helps blocking the goal.
  • You may also use pets.
  • If you use India and rush your opponent, make sure that the ball is on their half of the stadium.
  • Another way to unlock him is when ever Silicon Valley uses his power shot, leave the game and come back, the health will be the same as when you exited and the his powershot will be gone. The ball also centers back like normal so you can use a character like Ecuador and push them back and use the power button to melt their health.

Panama = Win Death Mode Without conceding more than 3 goals (Near Impossible) Edit


Panama is quite one of the hardest characters to unlock. Death Mode is long, which makes it even harder than Greece. To unlock her, you should really get a defensive pet, such as the Mushroom, very good stats and costumes are also advised. There is sadly no trick to unlock her that easily.

Peru = Win Fight Mode without using Power Shot (Very Hard) Edit


To unlock her, you need a destructive costume, like the Spinning Hands Costume or the Laser Costume. You also need a destructive and good counter attack, so Mon-K is the best to unlock her because he has a destructive counter attack, and you can make further attempts without wasting points because he is free for Fight Mode. If you don’t have Mon-K, you can use a character that does instant critical damage when Power Button is pressed, such as India, Hong Kong or even Ukraine (This is not advised though, because you will have to NOT touch the ball afterwards ). You should also use pets that can boost your HP or pets that will damage your opponent.

Vietnam = Achieve Fight Mode without a Jump (Hard) Edit


You will have to make a whole game of Fight Mode without jumping at all. Fight mode is quite short, so using a character that does extra damage (I.E Hong Kong or India), it might be an easy task. But don't jump during the minigames!

Iran = Achieve Death Mode without a Jump (Hard) Edit


Same as Vietnam, Iran is unlocked by completing Death mode without a jump. It is a bit easier than any other Death Mode characters to unlock, since jumping can be avoided and is not made unintentionally, unlike getting goals, dashing or getting hurt. France should do the trick on Death Mode.

Costa Rica = TBD Edit

Note: Edit

Please remember: these are harder than you might think, whether it is to resist the urge to jump or dash, or to face the challenge of preventing goals, or getting a lot of goals. It's not easy.

PS: This is an unlock guide, not a power shot guide. The power shot guide can be found here.