General information
Full name Ecuador
Flag 250px-Flag of Ecuador
Character number 53
Stars 5
Power Shot(s) Helicopter Shot, Bazooka Shot and Machine Gun Shot
Unlock Requirements Win the Head Cup without using Kick and Dash or pay 5,300,000 points
Icon Icon53-1-
Previous Character Hong Kong
Next Character Mon-K

Ecuador (Spanish: Ecuador) is the 53rd character in Head Soccer and is considered one of the best. He has 5 stars in Arcade and has an air shot, ground shot and counter attack. This character is obviously based around the movie character named Rambo, played by Sylvester Stallone.

Appearance Edit

Ecuador looks like Rambo with his long brown hair, tan skin, and a red sweatband. He has a somewhat confident and serious face expression, black eyes and a 2-day stubble beard.

Power Button Effect Edit

When he clicks on his Power Button, Ecuador will explode and if his enemy is near him at the moment, he gets pushed back in his own goal and the explosion will also make him unconscious. After the smoke has cleared you see that Ecuador is transformed into a war soldier. He wears an army helmet and green glasses which seem to be night vision glasses. Every 3 seconds Ecuador grabs a bow with an arrow and shoots it at his opponent. Three arrows are needed to hit him before he gets knocked out.

Power Shots Edit

Screenshot 2016-02-05-19-39-44 1

Helicopter Shot

Air Shot: Helicopter Shot Edit

His air Power Shot is the Helicopter Shot. When he gets the ball in the air in his Power Button State, suddenly a helicopter with a rope ladder appears and it picks up Ecuador, who loses his equipment. The helicopter goes upwards and flies out of the screen, but comes back soon thereafter with Ecuador in the doorway holding a machine gun. Now he looks very aggressive and he shoots several bullets towards the goal, with three of them containing a red ball. Finally, at the end of his mighty air shot, he throws a rocket which can score as well but also makes the player explode and disappear. You can counter this power shot by kicking the rocket, but it's hard to do so because the shot is likely to knock you out before it comes. This power shot is 5 seconds long.

Ground Shot: Bazooka Shot Edit

Screenshot 2016-02-05-19-37-58 1

Bazooka Shot

Ecuador's ground shot is called the Bazooka Shot. Ecuador will hold a bazooka and shoot three rockets out of it, of which only the last one has the ball. The last rocket also makes the player explode, while the other two only knock the player back. With the summoning of the bazooka, there comes a lot of smoke, which makes it harder for the other player to see where he is and what he's doing. However, this shot is much easier to stop than his air shot and the ball might even bounce back into Ecuador's own net if the opponent blocks it. This power shot is 2 seconds long.

Counter Attack: Machine Gun Shot Edit

Screenshot 2016-02-05-19-44-51 1

Machine Gun Shot

As if that was not enough yet, Ecuador also has a special Counter Attack, called the Machine Gun Shot. When Ecuador counters his opponent's power shot, he gains a machine gun and shoots bullets at the opponent, which knock him backwards. While he's shooting, Ecuador is bigger than usual and he looks aggressive again, and there come yellow bullet cartridges out of the gun. At the end of the shot he shoots a bullet with a red ball, and if that hits the opponent, he will explode once again. The shot is best when it is used close to the opponent's goal, because then it's harder for the opponent to deal with the knock back effect. He takes around 3 seconds.

Costume: Army Beret Costume Edit

Costume 030

Ecuador wears the Army Beret Costume as a default costume in Arcade and Tournament. It's a B Rank Costume and it's price is 160,000 Points.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the Head Cup without Kick and Dash (which is an easy unlock requirement, especially for such a good character) or buy him for 5,200,000 points.

Tips and TricksEdit

In his counter attack, hold the moving key facing him and jump at the end of the shot to make the ball bounce back into Ecuador's own goal. When you are Ecuador, you should use his counter attack close to the opponent's goal. For the air shot, it is a long description, so see Ecuador's section of the power shot guide here. Ecuador is also a very good character to use in Fight Mode beacuse his powershots and his power button effect can deplete the opponent´s HP really fast (especially the counter attack up close to them)

History Edit

Version April 14, 2015
Update 3.3 Added Ecuador along with Mon-K.

Trivia Edit

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