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General information
Full name France
Flag 250px-Civil and Naval Ensign of France.svg
Character number 12
Stars 5
Power Shot(s) Underground Shot
Unlock Requirements Beat 14 Characters in Arcade in a Sudden Death or pay 1,100,000 points
Icon Icon12
Previous Character Spain
Next Character United Kingdom
France (French: France) is the 12th Character in Head Soccer. France was added in the second Update along with United Kingdom. He is one of the best beginner Characters, as he has a good Power Shot and is not very hard to unlock. France is also a 5 Star opponent in Arcade.

Playing style Edit

France plays offensively. Even if his Power Shot is most effective in midfield, he doesn't always use it there as a CPU.

Appearance Edit

He has a gray, thin beard, thick five o'clock shadow and short gray-black hair. He also has a cigarrette in his mouth which releases smoke. It can be knocked out of his mouth. He is the only character with anything in his mouth other than Ireland and his clover.

Power Shot: Underground ShotEdit

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Underground Shot

France's Power Shot is called the Underground Shot, but he says something like "Domation." He jumps up a few meters into the air, forcefully smashing the ball down into the ground, which shoots forward out of a big crater. Before the crater which releases the ball appears, two other craters show up a bit closer to France, but they don't do anything. When the shot is used too close to the goal, however, the ball will disappear for a few seconds and spawn in the center of the field. This is one of the most useful Power Shots, because if you use it from the halfway line, it's almost guaranteed a goal.

Costume Edit

France does not wear a standard Costume.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

In order to unlock France, the player must beat 14 different characters in a Sudden Death in Arcade or pay 1,100,000 Points.

Tips and Tricks Edit

The best area to use the Underground Shot is in the middle of the field, but a confirmed goal is possible if the character moves a bit closer to the opponent's goal, and with a bit of luck he will even waste the opponent's Power Shot away. As long as you stay near midline or even a bit behind when you use the power shot, it is a 99% guaranteed goal. If you come too close the ball will not show up from the ground anymore, but after a brief amount of time it will reappear in the center of the field like a normal kick-off, and if you use this shot too far away from your opponent's goal, the ball may not go in.

History Edit

Version May 31, 2012
1.1 Added France along with United Kingdom.


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The Head Soccer Wiki has a collection of images related to France.
  • He is the 5th European country in the game.
  • He and United Kingdom are the first characters to ever be added from an update.
  • He is the first character that has an accessory that can be knocked off.
  • It also was the first accessory ever added in the game, since Costumes came in the next update.
  • He is the only character that smokes in the game.
  • He has the only Power Shot in which the ball travels underground.
  • France is the only character in the game whose power shot can guarantee you a goal from such a distance away from the opponent's goal. That makes him the most recommended character to use in Death Mode. Most other power shots can only guarantee you a goal when they are used right in front of the goal. Other exceptions are USA's power shot and Mon-K's air shot.
  • When you Counter France's Power Shot your character says "Turret Shot!," which differs from what France says when he uses his shot; quite unique in the game.
  • He is the boss in Stage 2 of Death Mode.
  • France's head structure is /¯).

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