This is FranceSwitzerland's Rankings of the Characters that are the most underrated in Head Soccer. This means that it are Characters that are (very) good, but most people think they are very bad.

Honorable MentionsEdit

First we start with the Honorable Mentions. These are Characters that almost reached the Top 10.

Character09 Character36 Character55 Character44

10. LuxembourgEdit


On place 10 we find Luxembourg. Luxembourg is on the list, because of this. Luxembourg is really one of the best Characters, but some people say he is bad. Luxembourg's Power Shot is very effective and 80% of the time its a goal. You need to use it on the middle of the field or a bit closer to the opponent's goal and its always a goal. The Counter Attack is also good, a flower will go to the opponent's goal. This is one of the better Counter Attacks, the most time it will score. I don't know why people think Luxembourg is bad, in my opinion he is one of the best.

9. CameroonEdit


Cameroon is on place 9. I know Cameroon is not one of the best Characters in Head Soccer. I think he is really better than what everybody says about him. Cameroon's Power Shot is just a straight line Power Shot, but sometimes its good. When you don't counter it, you get the annoying current on you. When you use this on your opponent, you kick the ball over him and still score. A lot of people see Cameroon as the worst character in the game, but he definitely isn't. The only reason why Cameroon is not higher on this list, is because he is still bad.

8. RomaniaEdit


This one will maybe be more of a surprise you than Cameroon. Everybody thinks Romania is very bad, but he isn't. I'll tell you why. To start with Romania's Ground Shot. Romania will run to the opponent and push him in a cage. You need to use this Power Shot before the goal of your opponent. Romania will then push the opponent in the goal and score. This trick makes Romania is Power Shot much better. Romania's Air Shot is also not very bad. A bat will fly to the goal. Use this high in the air and a lot of times, the opponent will not hold it. When your opponent holds it, you can still score from this Power Shot. You need a little bit of luck, but the ball can fall in your opponent's goal. Otherwise you are able to score, but sadly the time that your opponent is away is very short. This makes Romania's Power Shot worse, but its still very underrated. Romania's Counter Attack is also a good one. Romania shoots a cage to the opponent. This is one of the better Counter Attacks. Most of the time, the opponent will jump on the wrong time and you can score. If the opponent touches it, your opponent is longer away and you get a chance to still make a goal out his Power Shot. I can't see why Romania is one of the worst characters in the game. For me he is okay, but not more than that.

7. ZEdit


The reason why Z on this list is similar to Romania. Most people think Z is very bad. His Power Shot can very effective a lot times. First you need to know that when you use the Power Shot in the air, the tongue of the monster goes to the ground and when you use it on the ground, the tongue goes in the air. After that, lets talk about the Power Shot himself. When you play against a Character like South Korea, always use your Power Shot on the ground. The tongue will go above him and the most time he can't jump high enough to stop the Power Shot. When you play against one of the newer character, you can choose both, but its better to use it in the air. Your opponent will be eaten by the zombie and the ball falls soft on the ground and you can easily score. I can't find any reason why Z is bad. He is better than okay, but not very good. He is still underrated enough to come on Place 7.

6. Saudi ArabiaEdit


Saudi Arabia is a normal Character for the most people. For me he is more than that. I will start to talk about his power shots. Lets start by the ground shot. Lots of oil barrels will fall on the ground and Saudi Arabia throws a bomb to the oil barrels. Most of the time the opponent will kick it away, but you can kick it back to oil barrels and the opponent will explode and you are still able to score. This way you can score lots of times. Secondly, the air shot. This one is very good when you use it high in the air and in the middle of the field. most of the time the opponent won't hold it and the oil barrel will go in the goal. Otherwise, the ball will still fall on the oil barrels and you are able to score. The opponent will again explode and you can score. The counter atttack is also a good one. Saudi Arabia will shoot one oil barrel to the opponent and when he touches it, he will explode and disappear. The ball won't catch hard away, so you can easily score when the opponent does not counter it. Also a lot time the opponent will not touch the oil barrel. The biggest reason why Saudi Arabia is on this list, still has to come. Saudi Arabia is one of the only characters which I succeed in headers. Headers is a trick where you can make lots of goals with. I will describe it: When the ball falls on the field, run to it and kick with your head the ball in the goal of your opponent. This way you can make unforgettable scores with Saudi Arabia. I beat one time with him Colombia with 31-1 and South Korea with 29-1. Now you know why he is on place 6. The only reason why he is not higher is because he is not very underrated.

5. DevilEdit


We reach the top 5 and Devil is on place 5. There are some people that think Devil is one of the worst Characters in the game. I can tell you that this isn't true. Devil is also a good character. First he has a very good power button effect. Devil gets purple bat wings. Then, you can walk very fast with Devil. This is one of the reasons that Devil is on this list. Also, his power shot is good. Devil shoots bat wings to the goal and somewhere is the ball. The most of the times, the opponent can't find the ball and you can score. A lot of times, the ball will go over the opponent and after that, it will go in the goal. This power button effect and power shot bring Devil on place 5.

4. The NetherlandsEdit

Character15 1

My country the the Netherlands is on Place 4. I really like my country in Head Soccer and he is very good. Lots of people think he is bad. I am gonna tell you why he is good. The Netherlands shoots a black hole to the opponent. The reason why this is very effective: The opponent almost never counters this power shot. The ball will fall soft on the goal and you can easily score. A lot of times the opponent can't hold this power shot, when you use it in the air. Most people don't know this and that's why the Netherlands is very underrated. I also got records with the Netherlands and he is very handy to use. 

3. Canada Edit

Character21 1

We are going to reach the Top 3. Canada is the first Character we find here and I can really say that he is very very very underrated. Use it in the air and it's ALWAYS a goal. I really can't understand why everybody thinks he is very bad. Also, the snowman effect is very good. You can kick the ball over the opponent and still score. You need to use this Power Shot always in the air and the ball will go over the opponent when you use it in the middle of the field. Also, it is a 100% goal when you use it when the opponent is on your side of the field. The ball will go over the opponent and it catches into the goal of your opponent. Very good and underrated.

2. AsuraEdit


Near to place 1 we find Asura. Asura is also very good and very very underrated. This one is also very good when you use it high in the air. The reason why he is still much better than Canada, is because you not have to get a good position on the field. Asura always fly to his goal and shoots lots of things to the opponent and later the ball. The opponent never holds this power shot and that makes Asura a very good Character. Also, when the opponent still knock the fist, he will get flat and Asura still gets a great chance to score. He is in my top 5 of the best characters to use. I don't know why a good Character like Asura is so underrated. 

1. France Edit


We finally reached place 1. France is an amazing Character. Lots of people say: "France is one of the worst characters." This is not true in my opinion. You need to use it always on the middle of the field and you just always score. I can say it thousand times, but almost never someone is agreed with me. France is also one of the best characters because this. The reason just why the opponent won't hold it, is because the ball is still in the underground, for some people who don't know it. Also, you can't just say that he is bad, because his power shot is not a goal, because you do not use it on the middle of the field. I hate it that people says this. The only thing you need to know is that you must use France's power shot on the middle of the field. This isn't hard to understand and this brings France on place 1 of the most underrated characters in the game.