There are many glitches and exploits in Head Soccer. This is a list of all that have been reported.

Be aware:

A lot of the glitches do no longer work, because of the new update (6.4)

Summary Edit

In many offline games there are glitches. Head Soccer contains many different glitches, some are really useful, some are not, and others are just amazing to watch but less effective, which is mentioned in the title in parentheses. Some glitches only work on specific devices. Click here to vote for the glitch which you think is the best/most annoying. If a glitch does not work, don't remove it, it might be caused because you used a different device or did something wrong. It's also possible that D&D Dream have fixed a glitch, as they sometimes do, and then the glitch can be erased from this page. Just comment us and maybe we'll change it! Also leave a comment when you have found a new glitch or if the glitch description isn't right. Beside glitches, there are also mistakes in Head Soccer. If you click on this link, you can visit the Mistakes page. Video with many glitches:

Head Soccer ALL Glitches (4.0

Head Soccer ALL Glitches (4.0.1)

Global glitchesEdit

These are the glitches that work in (almost) any Game mode during a match. The glitches that work in more than one Game mode, but not in any Game mode are on the bottom part of the Global glitches.

Italy glitch (Just for fun) Edit

When Italy uses his Power Shot and the opponent counters it and Italy counters it back, after about 4 or 5 times a random small ball appears in the middle of the field (same as during kick off) and it disappears again when it reaches the ground. This glitch has no special effect at all and it is quite a rare glitch as well. It can also happen when another character's power shot is countered multiple times.

Screenshot 2015-08-28-12-23-36 1

Germany glitch 1

Germany glitch 1 (Useful) Edit

If your opponent or you miss(es) the first and second balls from Germany's Power Shot, but touches the third one, his/her power shot will be wasted.

Portugal glitch (Disadvantageous / useful) Edit

If Portugal uses his Power Shot very close to the goal, the shot will miss and he will leave the screen, not returning until a goal is scored.

Wolf Costume Glitch (useful)Edit


If you use the wolf costume, sometimes eating the opponent right before they use their powershoot can mess up the powershoot. Their powershoots will most often result againist the powershoot user(for example, Canada will turn into a snowman himself and Saudi Arabia will lose his collision and the ball).

Canada, Indonesia, Ukraine and Serbia Unlock Glitch (Useful) Edit

You can unlock Canada, Indonesia, Ukraine and Serbia all by watching videos. But there is a useful glitch to unlock them even easier. After you watched a Video, you have to wait an amount of time before you can watch a new video. But, you should not wait but change the date of your mobile and then you can watch a new video without waiting the time. So you can unlock them a lot easier. This glitch is very useful for unlocking Serbia. This glitch also work if you lose your Head Cup and you want to start a new Head Cup without paying points. This glitch can be used in various other games too.

Ireland glitch (Useful) Edit

Screenshot 2015-09-13-11-34-21 1

Ireland glitch

If you struggle with deflecting Ireland's Rainbow Shot, or with the rainbow balls which pushes you back in particular, try to stand on the exact same place as Ireland when he starts his shot. By doing this, you'll see that the rainbow balls which pushes you back normally, will disappear! This means that you have now degenerated Ireland's Rainbow Shot into a very simple straight-line shot, which is very easy to deflect. To use this trick properly, first jump at the place where Ireland is standing at the beginning of his shot, then move back and block the shot while still being in the air. If you practice it a bit, you'll get the hang of this glitch and it might help you by stopping Ireland's power shot.

Saudi Arabia glitch (Useful) Edit

If you use Saudi Arabia's Power Shot, the opponent mostly explodes and disappears. If this happens and you do your Power Shot again while he is still disappeared, he will be disappeared forever, until you score a goal. This is very useful if you want to waste the time away without conceding a goal, or if you want to be sure to score a goal, because with this glitch, there is nothing to stop you from scoring or taking much time to do so.

Switzerland glitch (Useful) Edit

When Switzerland uses his Counter Attack, you can Dash forward and then touch the snowball. The opponent will then disappear instead of you, just like the Singapore glitch, only it's harder to succeed and score a goal out of it. No longer working since patch 5.1, the snowball sends you flying back instead.

Belgium glitch (Useful) Edit

When the first note misses the goal, the second one goes in and the third one hits the opponent, the opponent's power shot will be wasted, because the second note doesn't seem to have a ball.

India ground shot glitch (Useful / disadvantageous) Edit

If India applies his ground shot with some rocks in between him and his opponent (due to France's Power Shot for example), the shot will hit the stones and the fire will disappear. Everything will go back to normal, wasting India's ground shot. Same thing happens with Nigeria.

Ukraine glitch (Useful) Edit

When Ukraine gets knocked out, by getting kicked a lot or something, then use her power, she still has the stars around her head, but she can still move around like a regular player.

Serbia glitch (Useful) Edit

When Serbia uses her Air Shot, so that downer rocket goes into goal and upper rocket hits the opponent, the opponent's power shot will be wasted, because the upper rocket contains the "real ball".

Dog Costume glitch (Very useful)Edit

If you happen to be lucky and get the Dog Costume, you can remove your opponent for the entire round, if you eat your enemy and walk all the way to the edge of the map, towards the enemy's goal, and hug the wall before you spit out the bone, you will spit the bone out of the map and your opponent will not return, only in Sudden Death or if there is a goal scored.

Extra goals glitch 1 (Useful / disadvantageous)Edit

Sometimes if your opponent/you make(s) a goal, the ball sometimes stalls in the air, and your opponent/you get(s) an extra goal without doing anything. This is also one of the most annoying glitches in the game, but it can also be very advantageous for you. Mostly, someone gets 1 to 4 goals. In the newest update, the ball moves down after the word "GOAL" appears.

Extra goal glitch 2 (Useful)Edit

If you waste Germany's power and counter the wasted shot, you will get an extra goal without any time consumption. This glitch is often used to break "most goals" high scores, but does not always work.

Screenshot 2015-08-27-15-28-42 1

Flying glitch

Flying glitch (Just for fun / useful / disadvantageous)Edit

If you dash under your opponent, he'll fly high into the air. Also works the other way round. If you jump you will fly even higher, however this is a rare glitch. It can also happen when you try to dash on top of a giant football or with the Death Mode obstacles, and if you cash on top of your pet.

Freezing game glitch (Just for fun / disadvantageous)Edit

One way to freeze the game is hold the "Next match" button on the Next match screen and press "watch video". After the video ends, the screen is frozen with the "Next match" button being pressed.

Power wasting glitch (Useful / disadvantageous)Edit

When a Power Shot gets blocked by your opponent slightly behind the goal line with power activated, his Power Shot will mostly be used despite you've already scored, wasting it. Also works the other way around, so watch out. It happens with United Kingdom most frequently, even so often that it makes him a better character. Some characters can waste power in other ways. For this, see the Belgium glitch and the Germany glitch.

Screenshot 2015-08-21-21-49-07

Screen glitch in a Tournament

Screen glitch (Disadvantageous / just for fun) Edit

When you have finished the Group stage in the Head Cup and you press the Kick off button several times very fast, the Knockout stage screen closes and you can't finish the Head Cup. This glitch also works when you start a Tournament, but then the screen is on the wrong position, as you can see on the photo on the right.

Two power shots at the same time glitch (Just for fun / disadvantageous / useful) Edit

When you and your opponent get the ball at the exact same time, both with your power button activated, both power shots will be used at the same time. This is amazing to watch, but usually the quicker power shot will score and the other one will be wasted.

Arcade glitchesEdit

Glitches that only work in the Arcade mode.

Serbia unlock glitch (Very useful)Edit

Screenshot 2015-09-29-15-46-29 1

Serbia unlock glitch

To unlock Serbia, you have to beat 60 Characters in Arcade without getting injured. But this is almost impossible to achieve against opponents like Ecuador, India, Asura, Hungary and Serbia herself. But there is a glitch to help you out: Use Ukraine. Because after you have activated your Power Button Effect, it's impossible for you to get injured, no matter if you get kicked, hit by a Power Shot or hit by a Power Button Effect. Even when Ukraine yells "Ow!", the Without injured achievement emblem won't disappear. So everytime before your opponent uses his Power Shot, you have to make sure that you have your own Power Shot ready. This tactic works even better when your Power is upgraded to the maximum.

Note : This glitch can be used for any character that requires you to finish something without getting hurt, such as Honduras.

Tournament GlitchesEdit

Glitches that will only work in a Tournament.

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Two balls glitch

Two balls glitch (Just for fun) Edit

Sometimes in the Tournament final Kepler 22B's UFO appears. And sometimes when United Kingdom's power shot hits the UFO, the ball will freeze in place, while the rays of the shot just go on. The match will then restart, because you hit the UFO. The frozen ball will appear in middle but it isn't real and you can't kick it. This ball remains just there until a goal is scored with the real ball.

Survival glitchesEdit

Glitches that only work in Survival mode.

Cyborg unlock glitch 1 (Useful)Edit

Lose against Cyborg in Survival, or win and then click on Title in the next stage, and close the game via multitasking. Then restart the game and you might have unlocked Cyborg.

Cyborg unlock glitch 2 (Useful)Edit

Another way to have a chance to unlock Cyborg easily is to use the "Play with any character exploit" on Survival to play as Hong Kong. Play normally in Survival until you lose and you may unlock the Cyborg. But this exploit only works half the time.

Costume glitch (Useful) Edit

When you start a rank match against Cyborg and are looking for a certain costume to unlock, look what costume Cyborg is wearing. When he wears the wrong one, turn off your phone (or close and reopen app on stage 80 only) [attention: just pausing the game won't work here] and come back to Survival, and he will wear an other, randomly chosen costume. Because it's always random, you might have to repeat these actions several times before you finally got the costume you want. The main problem is that the 3 bonus balls mistake occurs in which your survival balls will be reduced to 3 and can't win them back. To fix that, press Pause when the game starts, give up, then start again. You would then have 3 balls with 7 dimmed/lost. So: you still only got three Survival balls, but at least you can earn more if you win the match. Still, you must beat Cyborg with only three lives, which will be hard. But at least your opponent is Cyborg and not some overpowered character, so if you're an advanced player, you will be fine. It's recommended to wear a costume while doing this (for example, one that you unlocked with this glitch).

Stage 0 glitch (Disadvantageous) Edit

Warning, this glitch also erases your progress, but doesn't help you at all, so the first Stage 0 glitch should prove more beneficial. If you play in Survival until you face Cyborg, and then exit the Survival and face South Korea, you will be at Stage zero when you continue playing Survival again. This only works with South Korea. If you do it with any other character, Survival will resume as usual, but the Cyborg will behave slightly differently. If you do it when you face a character in Survival that's not Cyborg, your opponent will change and it won't erase your progress. But if you go to Arcade and select the character with the costume you want, Cyborg wears it and you can unlock it.

3 bonus balls glitch (Disadvantageous) Edit

This is a very annoying glitch. Sometimes if you have played a Survival game but didn't finish it, and you go back to Survival to finish it, you only have three balls left, while you actually had more Bonus balls. And starting Survival again won't help, because you don't get your Bonus balls back. Sometimes if you stay long on the screen "Touch to kick off", you get all your Bonus balls back, but this works seldom.

Opponent glitch (Very Useful, but not confirmed and likely not to work) Edit

You can use this glitch to unlock all characters in survival mode. When you finish a match in survival mode, you can close the game before click next match. When you start the game again, if you don't like the opponent, you can close and open the game again. You will see that every time the opponent will change.

League glitchesEdit

Glitches that only work in the Amateur, Minor and Major League.

Israel, Australia and Denmark unlock glitch (Very useful) Edit

To unlock Israel (Amateur League), Australia (Minor League) and Denmark (Major League), you must win the League without conceding more than 10 goals. However, it appears that you can unlock the characters if you win the League the very first time you play it. You can concede as many goals as you want, it really doesn't matter as long as the first time you play and finish a League, you immediately win it.

Ukraine unlock glitch (Useful) Edit

This glitch can help you to unlock Ukraine a bit more easily. To unlock Ukraine, you must win the Major League with 80 counter attacks. Play a Major League with Italy, the best character to collect counter attacks. Make sure you play the first match against someone that has an easily-countered power shot, like Valentine, Super Saiyan or Z. Play this match and try to do as many counter attacks as you can. Then, close Head Soccer just before the match is finished, but don't pause it. Reopen Head Soccer and continue the League. It will be like you've not yet played the first match of the League, but the counter attacks you've collected, remained! And you will be facing the character that you have played before. This gives you a head start. After that, just keep on counter attacking until you reach 80, finish the League and you have unlocked Ukraine.

Finish League at Stage 17 glitch/Crashing game glitch 2 (Useful / disadvantageous) Edit

Go to Stage 17, and when the game starts, pause it, and press Title. Mostly, it will show that the League is finished. Use this glitch to win without having to play Stage 18. But sometimes, the game will crash.
Screenshot 2015-09-13-11-39-13 1

Ladder glitch

Ladder glitch (Just for fun) Edit

When you finish a game in any League, close the game via multitasking. When you reopen the League you just closed, it'll show the ladder in a different order. However, after you have played a game, the ladder will be back to normal.

Hard Quit Glitch Update 6.0 (Very Useful) Edit

On IOS devices (Android?), if you are losing a level, you can hard quit the game by pressing pause and then kill the game process. Later when you continue the game, it starts with a fresh kick-off with the same character at full time and zero goals. Costume comes back on and all the markers (kick, jump etc.) remain unchanged however counter attacks counter does not reset so you can easily unlock character with a counter attack requirement (Ukraine) by playing a full game and repeating Hard Quit.

Head Cup glitchesEdit

All glitches that only work in the Head Cup.

Knockout stage glitch (Disadvantageous) Edit

If you play in the Head Cup and you reach the Knockout stage, and you win a game, and you click on Play too fast, you have to play against the same character you have just beat. If you win against him, the game doesn't go further, so you have to give up without getting any reward. This is a very annoying glitch when you play the Head Cup.

Death Mode glitchesEdit

These are all glitches that only work in Death Mode.

Finland unlock glitch (Very useful) Edit

In order to unlock Finland, you have to clear Death Mode with 30 different characters. But sometimes, for no apparent reason, Finland can unlock even if you have cleared Death Mode with less than 30 characters!

Stage 29 glitch (Useful) Edit

Stage 29 is the stage where a random obstacle shows up. This means that you can face easy obstacles as well as hard Obstacles. Once you've made it to this stage you're almost at the end of Death Mode and mostly you only have a few lives left, so you want to make it to the end at all cost, otherwise you've done all for nothing. If you'll have to face an obstacle that is troublesome for you, quit the game and return to Death Mode, and you will probably see that there's a different obstacle than before now. Well regarded you can choose yourself which obstacle you want to have with this glitch and make it easier for yourself.

Pause glitch (Useful) Edit

If you are in a game and then pause, give up and later return, some data will be lost, but this works in your advantage mostly. For example, if you wore a costume but lost it during the game, you can get it back via this glitch. However, your opponent will regain his costume as well. In addition, you are not damaged anymore. This can be useful if you play with a character that has a normal power shot and a damaged shot, but you actually want to use the first shot. And last but not least, the obstacles will start over. This is especially useful in the stage with the Landmines. When there are many of them on the field, it can get harder to win this stage, but if you quit and come back, all the landmines are away and it starts again. All goals and the time will not be lost.

Pause/Exit glitch (Useful) Edit

On IOS/Windows devices, if you exit the game just before your opponent can score a goal against you, you can avoid the goal! Later when you continue the game, it starts with a kick-off and the same result, but it will start right at the time where you left off (time doesn't reset, but all other things do including costume). So with this glitch you can avoid a goal.

Fight Mode glitches Edit

These are all glitches that only work in Fight Mode.

Bleeding glitch (Very Useful) Edit

If you have a character that explodes when he/she gets his/her power, then when your opponent is inside the goal (such as when the ball is on top of the goal) you can press the power button for an explosion. This explosion, if it knocks the player out, will cause the opponent to start to lose health at a rapid rate, only stopping if he/she takes damage in another form or if he/she loses all health. However, your opponent can do this too, but it is unlikely that this will happen.

Bonus games glitch (Very Useful)Edit

While playing the first bonus game (the one with the basketballs that have to go in the toilet) and the second bonus game (The one with the spiky balls that have to hit the UFO), you can use a very useful glitch. When you pause the game, the basketballs keep moving while the time stays frozen like normally when you pause. So, the basketballs can reach the toilet while the time doesn't advance. This glitch helps you to unlock Senegal. On the second bonus game, the same happens and you can easily dash all the balls in the UFO to unlock Bolivia. This glitch also causes that the match after these bonus games become very short, so you will have to make a goal or two as soon as possible.

Pause/Exit glitch (Useful) Edit

On IOS (Android?) devices, if you exit the game just before your opponent can score a goal against you or use power shot, you can avoid the goal and damage! Later when you continue the game, it starts with a kick-off and the same result, but it will start right at the time where you left off (time doesn't reset, but all other things do). Also unlike Death Mode, your costume does not come back. So with this glitch you can avoid a goal or damage from opponents power shot and can manage to win even if your energy is under 10.

Play with any character (Useful/Just for fun) Edit


This can happen then.

When you have done the very first match in Fight Mode, the plane will go towards the next destination. In order to make that glitch work, you must wait for the plane to almost land, then click "back". You will notice that you're back in the character selection but the second match starts! Don't worry, the character section will still be available after, and while the plane travels, you can pick any character you want (Even if locked). If you beat Fight Mode, you will get the Fight Mode trophy for the character you originally selected.

UFO Bonus Game Glitch (Disadvantageous) Edit

When you play the UFO Bonus Game, sometimes your character can levitate up to the side of the screen between the pipes. This happens randomly and the cause is unknown. IF your character is to the very edge of the screen, they would levitate up and stay up between the pipe until the time runs out. Once this occurs, you can't get back down.

Use any Character (Extremely Useful) Edit

When you start the fight mode and you see the plane moving towards your opponents flag then be ready and just before the plane is about to land, press the back button and if u do it at the correct time the screen will become half of the fight mode map and half of the character selection page and the match will begin. After the match finishes you can scroll on the half character page and choose any character you want to use before the next match starts.  Note: This glitch works every time but you need to press the button exactly when the plane is about to land and you need to choose the character you want quickly if you want to get the right one because the match may start before you are ready ;) credits for this glitch to Amnar Arif.

Out of Game Glitches Edit

These glitches are out of game.

Reward video glitch (Useful) Edit

While watching a reward video, press the home button and then reopen the game, so you will be able to skip the video. The close button appears and you'll get your reward without having to wait for the end of the video. This glitch can also work with the Video time glitch. Watch a video then press Home button then go back to your Head Soccer game, go to settings > general > date and time and then turn on automatic time, then put it a day ahead then go back to Head Soccer and timer will be reset!

Reward Video Glitch 2 (Useful) Edit

This glitch doesn't happen very often but when it happens it's very useful. If you have low internet and press on the "Free Point" TV, the screen will become black without any ad playing, this is because the ad is loading. If this happens, then press the back button on your device as soon as you see the black screen, and the game will reward you, even though you didn't watch the ad.

Video time glitch (Useful) Edit

If you have watched a video, it says you have to wait before you can watch another one, an hour for instance. If you want to watch the video to get free points without waiting an hour, go out of the game and move the clock on your mobile one hour forward. Then go back to Head Soccer and you can immediately watch the video.

Unconfirmed glitchesEdit

These glitches aren't proven to work yet. Please write a comment if you have tried one of these glitches and tell us if it works or not. Also put your Android/IOS version and Head Soccer version in the comment. Currently there are two unconfirmed glitches.

Belgium Stage 18 glitch (Just for fun, nearly impossible to happen) Edit

In Stage 18, if Belgium uses his air shot, but meanwhile a plant eats his opponent and throws bones at all notes containing the ball, the power is wasted and Belgium changes into a fan himself.

Playing against same character glitch (Disadvantageous)Edit

There is a glitch that happens in Head Cup ONLY after the white screen glitch. If you manage to continue to next match, you will play against yourself and if you win game will crash, wasting your time and points.

Super Saiyan Stage 17 Face Glitch (Just for Laughs)Edit

If super saiyan gets stuck in a spider web from the spider of stage 17 of death mode and activates his power shot while being stuck, when he comes back, his face will be facing the wrong side

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