Head Soccer has more than 500 sounds; including screams, Power Shots sounds, background music and much more. As there are 500 sounds, it is not very handy to place them all on one page. So we made 6 pages for it. Power Shots Sounds, Characters Screams, Game Sounds and Background Music. Power Shots Sounds is all about the sound that follow when a character use his Power Shot. This confirm the shout of the Character and the sound of the Power Shot. Character Screams are the sounds that give a character when he get kicked. Game Sounds are the sounds that you can hear in every match and in menus, such as making goal sounds, public sound and kick sound. Background Music is the sound that you hear when you are in the game and not are playing a game. The sound when you start he game is a good example of it. Also are there Costume Sounds and Power Button Sounds. These are simply the sounds of the Costumes and when a Character activate his Power Button. The Game Modes Death Mode and Fight Mode also have a lot of sounds.


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