Live chatEdit

Live chat is a function that allows users to interact with one another directly. You can talk about stuff related to Head Soccer and ask the Adminstrator what you want to know about editing/creating pages. You can also speak in private messages with users.

Join the chat here:Edit

Live! Chat

Please read our Live chat rules before joining!

Time usually activeEdit

These are the times where users are usually active on the chat.

FranceSwitzerland (Administrator/Bureaucrat) Edit

Always randomly when he has time and when he sees someone in the chat. Mostly in the afternoon and evening.

SwitzerlandDormammu (Administrator) Edit

Sometimes not very much.

TheCrimson King208 Edit

Anytime when he has free time.

RemyMovies (Administrator)Edit

When he is online and sees someone in the chat.

Chat EmoticonsEdit

Emoticons are small pictures to use in Chat, like this one Wave_emoticon.gif . View all at MediaWiki:Emoticons.  To use them, type in the text standing below a picture. There might be several ones for one emoticon.

Add Chat EmoticonsEdit

Only Admins can add Emoticons.

Bans and KicksEdit

Of course we want a friendly usage in the chat. We've got two ways to deal with users who break the rules:


A kick is usually a warning. You got to reload the chat after the kick, losing previous messages. But you may keep writing.


If we ban you, you won't be able to join the chat for different lengths of time. You may however, still do edits on the wiki.


The chat should be open for every user, therefore we need rules. If there are no Moderators/Administrators online, make a screenshot and post it in the forums, please only in serious cases:

  1. Stay friendly: If you are rude to somebody, we'll kick you out. In serious cases, you'll receive an instant block.
  2. Don't spam: Spammers will get kicked out. If they spam more than 5 of the same replies in a row, they may then choose to rejoin the chat, but if they continue, they will get banned from the chat. Use private message (by clicking on a user on the right; then select private message) if you only want to talk to one user.
  3. Don't use rude words: This will mostly result in an instant block.
  4. Do not make use of private messages to insult or spam a particular user.
  5. Overuse of emoticons, try not to use too many gif emoticons, 4 at max for a single post, as they may cause chats to crash for other users

Things to take note (Chat moderators)Edit

  1. You are allowed to ban a user from the chats, but only for a maximum of 7 days/1 week, unless the user is a sock puppet account.
  2. Give a warning to the user first when he/she breaks the rules. If the user persists, you may choose to block/kick him/her.