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Playing With Friends

Multiplayer is a game mode in Head Soccer. One of Game Center, Bluetooth or Google Play are required to play online or locally with your friends. If you win, you can gain up to 200 Points, or 10 Points if you lose.

Description Edit

Multiplayer will search an opponent for you and you can play against him. It can be from every part of the world. You can also play aganist friends. You get 200 points when you win and 10 if you lose.

For an Android phone you need Google play services and Google Play Games to play Multiplayer. It is much more laggy than normal matches, often bugging power shots.(Ex: When you use Bulgaria's Sky shot, he will charge at the other character as usual, but Bulgaria won't do the uppercut animation and the ball often gets flung into his goal) any other Game mode, and if your opponent quits the game, they will have lost it, but you won't have the win.

Effects of lag Edit


Power Shots won't function correctly, most notably that of Australia, but also SpainHungary and Israel. Sometimes, the ball vanishes or even whole characters. Dashing also won´t always work properly. When you are the right character, you have to deal with a lot more bugs than when you are the left character, which makes it considerably unfair.

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