Under in the screen the Points.

Points are the in-game currency used in Head Soccer. They are used for buying stats upgrades, "Costumes" and as a rather expensive alternative to pass requirements for characters.

Beating characters in any Game Mode (Arcade, Tournament, Survival, League, Head Cup, Death Mode, Fight Mode and Multiplayer) gets you points. The minimum number of points you can get in a single match is 10 (when you lose being Ireland or counter attacked his Power Shot and collect one coin). In the 4.0 Update, there was a new way to earn points, watching Videos, marked by a TV sign in the menu screen. After watching a video, you have to wait 60 minutes to watch another. You can also watch videos after you won a match or a game mode. You can also buy points with real money.

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A very rich guy buying 1.700.000 points

If you purchase points, there would be a confirmation that says "Purchased", and a popup will appear that says "[number of points], Success"

Points earned at Game Modes Edit

Arcade: 100 points versus South Korea and 50 more points against every other character after him.

Tournament: 1,700 points

Amateur League: 20,000 points

Minor League: 30,000 points

Major League: 40,000 points

Head Cup: 30,000 points (60,000 points with Mon-K)

Free Video: 1,000-7,500 points

Video after Head Cup: 5,000 points

Death Mode: 100,000 points

Fight Mode: 50,000 points

Best way to get points Edit

The fastest way to get a lot of points is to play Head Cup where you can win 25,000 points including the points you get by winning against opponents (You win 30,000 points but you must pay 5,000 points to play in the Head Cup). Winning the Major League is the second fastest way where you get 40.000 points including the points you get by winning against opponents but you must play 18 games. In Update 3.3, Mon-K was added. Use him in Head Cup, and if you win you get double reward which is 60,000 points.

Character Matches Edit

Asura: 50,000 points

Pluto: 20,000 points