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General information
Full name Poland
Flag Flag of Poland.svg
Character number 23
Stars 5
Power Shot(s) Ice Spike Shot
Unlock Requirements Reach the SS Rank with 21 Characters in Survival or pay 2,200,000 points
Icon Icon23
Previous Character Chile
Next Character Asura

Poland (Polish: Polska) is the 23rd character in Head Soccer and was added with Canada, Chile and Asura in Update 1.4. He is the 10th European country and he is a five star opponent in Arcade.

Playing style Edit

Poland plays rather defensively as a CPU in the game.

Appearance Edit

He has purple hair, light skin and round sunglasses that can be knocked off of him. Furthermore, he has a small nose and a grey beard. He also has stitches on his forehead that make him look a bit like the human version of Frankenstein.

Power Shot: Ice Spike ShotEdit

Screenshot 2016-04-13-16-39-30 1

Ice Spike Shot

Poland's Power Shot is the Ice Spike Shot. He yells out "Ice Spike... Shot!" and six large ice spikes protrude from the ground. These ice spikes, however, don't affect the opponent. Approximately in between the third and fourth spike emerging from the ground, an icicle is fired in a straight line towards the goal that contains the ball. If the defender successfully blocks the ball, he will be frozen (like Russia) and is hit straight up in the air. This gives Poland an opportunity to score without his opponent standing in the way. The opponent lands back down about 2 seconds after he is hit by the icicle, and defrosts yet another second later. When the opponent is frozen, he can't kick, jump or move, but he still can use power shot, and can be moved by getting kicked very easily.

Power Shot Duration : 2s

Costume Edit

Poland doesn't own a standard Costume.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

You must reach SS Rank with 21 characters in Survival. Another way to get him is by paying 2,200,000 points.

Headballs Unlock = Yes ✔️

Tips and Tricks Edit

As said, to unlock Poland, you've got to reach SS Rank in Survival with 21 characters, but because this takes a lot of time, you might need some help. Fortunately, there is a useful glitch to unlock him, but you must have at least 21 characters unlocked. Then, get at least to E rank with 21 different characters and you may have unlocked Poland. Most of the time, this has proven to work, but there is yet another way to get him. Rarely, when you finish beating the Cyborg on Stage 10 in Survival, you can hear a soft sound, that you usually hear when you have unlocked a character. It means that you have unlocked Poland, even if the game didn't show you the unlock screen. It happens seldom and we haven't figured out yet how it works.

History Edit

Version 3 December 2012
1.4 Added Poland along with Canada, Chile and Asura.

Trivia Edit

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