South Africa
South Africa
General information
Full name Republic of South Africa
Flag Southafrica
Character number 40
Stars 5
Power Shot(s) Air Golem Shot, Ground Golem Shot and Golem Fist Shot
Unlock Requirements Win in Arcade against 42 Characters without using Jump or pay 3,900,000 points
Icon Icon40
Previous Character Romania
Next Character Austria

The Republic of South Africa (better known as South Africa) (Afrikaans: Suid-Afrika) is the 40th character and the fourth African character, introduced along with Austria and Thailand in the January 2014 update, Update 2.3.  

Appearance Edit

He has neon turquoise hair, large lips, yellow eyes, dark skin, and a nervous yet descrete calm expression

Playing style Edit

South Africa plays offensively, and quite often counters power shots, including his own air shot if you have countered it.

Power ShotsEdit

Air Shot: Air Golem ShotEdit

Screenshot 2016-05-14-07-17-06 1

Air Golem Shot

South Africa's air Shot is the Air Golem Shot. When activated in mid-air, a large golem is summoned with the ball and charges, but not before firing a white beam which slightly pushes the opponent back, it's massive head ducked down and the ball inside his head. The Golem will combust and explode upon contact with the enemy, causing him to be hurled out of the stadium, and also sending the Middle-Sized Ball forwards, towards the goal (Very easy to block when jumping at the right time).

Ground Shot: Ground Golem ShotEdit

Ground Golem Shot

Ground Golem Shot

When activated on the ground, the Golem will explode shortly after the activation and the ball will be in the big Golem fist that shoots forward the enemy's goal, instead of the golem charging at the goal. The best position to use it is in the mid-field.

Counter Attack: Golem Fist Shot Edit

Golem Fist Shot

Golem Fist Shot

South Africa's Counter Attack is unique, it's called the Golem Fist Shot. South Africa says: "Golem" and which he quickly launches a fist with a Middle-Sized Ball to the opponent's goal. When the opponent touches it, he will explode and disappear. The ball falls soft on the ground of the stadium, giving South Africa a high chance to score.

Costume: Bubble Costume Edit

Costume 071

South Africa wears the Bubble Costume. It's a bubble cannon that shoots bubbles with the same effect as Turkey's Power Shot effect, where the opponent is trapped in the bubble and floats upwards before the bubble pops. This is also an SS Rank costume.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

To unlock South Africa, you must beat 42 Characters in Arcade without jumping, or to unlock him instantly, you must pay 3,900,000 points.

Headballs Unlock = Yes ✔️

History Edit

Version January 26, 2014
2.3 Added South Africa along with Austria and Thailand.


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  • He is the 3rd Character in the game with blue hair. The first one is Germany, the second one is Turkey, the fourth one is Nepal and the fifth one is Honduras.
  • South Africa's full name is "Republic of South Africa."
  • He is the fourth African character in the game.
  • He shares being an invariable opponent on stage 23, with Australia and Belgium. This is because they all teleport.

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