General information
Full name Sweden
Flag Vlag-zweden
Character number 32
Stars 5
Power Shot(s) Viking Shot
Unlock Requirements Win the Minor League with 5 Characters or pay 3,100,000 points
Icon Icon32
Previous Character New Zealand
Next Character Z

Sweden (Swedish: Sverige) is the 32nd character in the game and was added with New Zealand and Z in Update 2.0. He is one of the characters with a costume. He is a five-star opponent in Arcade mode.

Playing styleEdit

Sweden plays rather offensively and aggresively.

Appearance Edit

Sweden is made to resemble a Nordic Viking. He has blond hair, braids, and lots of facial hair. His eyes are green.

Power Button EffectEdit

When Sweden activates his Power Button, he gains a big metal Viking helmet with brown horns, he loses the costume he was wearing.

Power Shot: Viking ShotEdit


Viking Shot

Sweden's Power Shot is the Viking Shot. When the Power Shot starts, a Viking ship appears and Sweden jumps into the ship. Sweden then says: "Bury." The Viking Ship first fires a few cannon balls at the defender that deals massive damage. Then the ball is shot. It is shot on a cannon ball, but it can either be a high cannon ball or a low cannon ball. This makes his power shot very good because the defender doesn't know whether to jump or not. If the defender manages to hit the ball, then he will get turned to ashes for a few seconds allowing Sweden to take an easy goal, unless the ball rolls in too quickly.

This power lasts for 3s.

Costume: Spikes Costume Edit

Costume 064

Sweden wears the Spikes Costume with retracting spikes that deal damage on contact with the opponent in Arcade mode. Once he activates his power button he will lose it. This is an SS rank costume and you can pay it for 750,000 points after winning against Cyborg in Survival with this costume.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

In order to unlock Sweden, you must win the Minor League with 5 different characters, or you may pay 3,100,000 Points to unlock him instantly.

Tips & Tricks Edit

To counter his shot, one must look at the pattern the cannonballs are fired. If the first cannonball comes from the top, the ball often comes from the bottom. If the first cannonball comes from the bottom, the ball comes often from the top. This is, however, not always right, so be careful.

Another strategy that is less effective to counter attack, but that will make you sure to block his power shot is to wait for a second, then jump. This means you can hit the ball whatever the line it is in.

History Edit

Version July 21, 2013
2.0 Added Sweden along with New Zealand and Z.


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