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Tournament screen

The Tournament is a Game Mode in Head Soccer that requires the player to advance through three seperate knockout stages as any of the characters available. It is used for unlocking other teams and grinding for Points, as the first win will award the player 100 points, the second one 700 points and winning the final round will award the player with a whole 1,700 points. The possible opponents are completely random. After you have cleared the Tournament, you get to choose between three Headballs to win yet another reward.

Playing Tournament won't give you many points, so if you need points, you should play in other game modes.

Character Unlocks Edit

There are 14 characters you can unlock by doing something in Tournament.

  1. Nigeria - Total of 30 victories.
  2. USA - Win in a Sudden Death in tournament final
  3. Japan - Win by 10 goals in Tournament final. Good characters for this are New Zealand and Thailand.
  4. Italy - Victory in Tournament with scoring more than 30 goals.
  5. Brazil - Win in a Tournament without using a Power Shot.
  6. Spain - Victory with 10 characters.
  7. United Kingdom - Win a Tournament with condeding less than 5 goals.
  8. The Netherlands - Win a Tournament without Dashing.
  9. Kepler 22B - Win againist himself in the final.
  10. Canada - Victory in Tournament with at least 12 Counter Attacks.
  11. Super Saiyan - Win 30 times with 26 characters.
  12. Ireland - Victory without Dash, Kick and Power Shot.
  13. Austria - Victory in Tournament without Jumping.
  14. Honduras - Win by 10 goals in Tournament final, but without getting Hurt.

Secret  Edit

Sometimes if you are in the Tournament final there comes a UFO. If the ball touches the UFO, it will crash and then your opponent is gone. The match restarts and you must play against Kepler 22B. If you win against him for the first time, you unlock him. However, the UFO can appear later again.

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