General information
Full name Turkey
Flag Flag of Turkey.svg
Character number 18
Stars 5
Power Shot(s) Bubble Shot
Unlock Requirements Beat 20 Characters 10 times in Arcade or pay 1,700,000 points
Icon Icon18
Previous Character Kepler 22B
Next Character Portugal

Turkey (Turkish: Türkiye) is the 18th Character in Head Soccer. He was added with Portugal and Devil. He is a five star opponent in Arcade

Playing style Edit

Turkey plays rather defensively. His playing style is one of the worst of all 5 star characters and he tends to score own goals more frequently than other characters.

Appearance Edit

Turkey has a square head, blue, curly hair with small, long eyes and a small pointed nose. He has lightly tanned skin, an open mouth, and dotted eyebrows.

Power Shot: Bubble ShotEdit

Turkish Shot

Bubble Shot

Turkey's Power Shot is the Bubble Shot. This power shot is easy to block at any time but can be hard to counter if you're not used to it, as the ball does delay just a little bit before shooting. Turkey yells, "Buuubble shoot" and shoots a plethora of water in a constant stream. The ball is inside the water-cannon but has a delay like Argentina's. If the foe fails to counter or does not have power, he will be encased in a sarcophagus of water in the form of a bubble. You will float into the air and the ball will go through you leaving your goal vulnerable for a few seconds.

Power Shot Duration: 2 seconds

Costume Edit

Turkey doesn't own a standard Costume.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

In order to unlock Turkey, you must beat 20 different Characters 10 times each in Arcade mode, or you can pay 1,700,000 Points to unlock him.

Headballs Unlock= Yes ✔️

Tips and Tricks Edit

The water stream covers the ball in Turkey's Power Shot, but if you look really carefully, you can probably still see it and you know when the ball comes. If you still can't see the ball, you can block the ball intuitive after some practice. When Turkey uses his Power Shot, walk in front of him and jump to make the ball bounce into Turkey's goal. A good way to counter his attack is to jump and kick as quick as you can.

History Edit

Version September 13, 2012
1.3 Added Turkey along with Portugal and Devil.

Trivia Edit

Head Soccer Logo
The Head Soccer Wiki has a collection of images related to Turkey.
  • He is the 8th European character in the game and the first to represent a Middle East country. Also, he is the 4th Asian Character in the game because part of the country is in Asia.
  • Turkey is the second character with blue hair, after Germany. South Africa is the third, Nepal is the fourth, Honduras is the fifth, Mongolia is the sixth, and Senegal is the seventh.
  • This is the first character in the game with teeth showing.
  • He is the first character in the game with a water related Power Shot, other characters are Senegal and Sweden if you count him for the water under his Viking Boat.
  • Turkey's head structure is /¯).

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